Thursday, 25 April 2019

[haguruka] Rwanda: Abitabiriye isengesho ‘Ram Katha’ bahawe ikaze na Perezida Kagame


What is Ram Katha?

Goswami Shri Tulsidasji provides many comparisons to Ram Katha. 
Ram Katha is a chintamani (the wish-fulfilling gem); it is Kamdhenu (the wish-yielding cow of heaven).

'Ram Katha sur dhenu sam sevat sab sukh daani.'

A cow has four legs (charan), hence Ramayan consists of chopay (verses).. 
We keep cows to milk them (known as dohan in Hindi), hence Ramayan consists of dohas. 
In between the verses there are dohas, cchands and sortha.

Ram Katha in this age is Kalpataru (the wish-yielding tree that satisfies all the desires of the person sitting under it), also known as Kalpavriksha. 
In the Shrimad Bhagavat, the Vedas have been called Kalpataru.

Ved is a Kalpavriksha; Ram Katha is Kalpavriksha. This, therefore, means that Shri Ram Katha is the form of Ved.

Ram Katha is like a chintamani, it gives whatever you think of
Ram Katha is a form of kamdhenu, kalpavriksha and chintamani. 
They provide whatever you wish and desire.

"Hate Cannot Drive Out Hate. Only Love Can Do That", Dr. Martin Luther King.


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1.Kumenya Amakuru n’amateka atabogamye ndetse n’Ibishobora Kukugiraho Ingaruka ni Uburenganzira Bwawe.

2.Kwisanzura mu Gutanga Ibitekerezo, Kurwanya Ubusumbane, Akarengane n’Ibindi Byose Bikubangamiye ni Uburenganzira Bwawe.