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[haguruka] Rwanda: Umuganda Policy in Rwanda


Dear all, we wonder whether Rwandans are very normal or suffer from some brain sickness. 

Prof Werwimp wrote in his book p 18-20 how Umuganda was promoted by Habyarimana since February 2nd, 1974 ( Philip Verwimp* Center for Economic Studies, Katholic Universiteit te Leuven, Belgie was hailed as a very good researcher in checking genocide that Habyarimana would have committed.  RPF did not welcome Habyarimana's umuganda during their war 1990-1994 and never claimed that Verwimp did wrong. Now RPF have forgotten the umuganda cursing and Verwimp's writing. And they claim umuganda was created by HE Paul in 2004 and is very good!

Another fact: many westerner experts from various countries worked in Rwanda since 1974 up to 1991, the end of one MRND party state. None reasonable can pretend that these experts who saw how every Saturday was for umuganda are all dead now. And yet RPF and his sympathizers throw the crude lie to the world that Umuganda was created in  2004! But of course, there is no problem Mpatsibihugu has approved!

Oh God help that all these lies, manipulations and scam be stopped in our poor Rwanda!


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Thanks for your comment.

Exposing/ denouncing Kagame's lies on Umuganda is not a waste of mind.

The umuganda policy under Juvenal Habyarimana is not fake news. There is no shortage of evidence that indeed such a policy existed since 1974.

For your info:

Kagame seems to be turning to films as his latest propaganda platform. 

In a new film documentary titled "Rwanda: The Royal Tour" Kagame portrayed himself as a tour guide, and claims that among his greatest accomplishments is the Umuganda he instituted 14 years ago!

In your opinion, how would you efficiently fight such a lie propaganda which seems to be working at least for this moment?

Rwanda: The Royal Tour


On Apr 26, 2018, at 2:27 AM, Francois Munyabagisha <> wrote:


What is a shame for a serial killer? Please, clean and raise your lens. 

People keep on being killed,... No no no, rather see Kagame keeping killing people, every day people die in prisons and under sunny sky over hill, and you waste mind looking through that fake so called umuganda! 

Let us look forward to lighting the butcherhood and let serial killers talk about their false miraculus  genius.

Best regards  /  Tout.pour le meilleur / Imhagarike!

Francois M-gisha

Diapason conseil


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Objet:[Collectif CRES], Rwanda: Umuganda Policy in Rwanda

Shame on Kagame who continues to claim that he insituted the Umuganda policy in Rwanda 14 years ago! 

The author of the article bellow acknowledges that the Umuganda policy was instituted by Habyarimana in Rwanda since 1974 (Re: page 18).


On February 2, 1974, the President ordered that every Rwandan perform unpaid collective work one day per week. This was stressed in a speech given by Habyarimana at a seminar for Burgomasters in August 1975, after the creation of the MRND (Mouvement Révolutionaire National pour le Dévelopment):
"The doctrine of our Movement is that Rwanda will only be developed by the sum of the efforts of its own sons and daughters, the product of their efforts belongs to them. That is why it has judged the Collective Works for Development a necessary obligation for all the inhabitants of the country." 

This policy was presented as the reestablishment of an institution that had long existed in Rwandan culture but that had been suppressed by the colonial economy. Umuganda was, according to the MRND, a reaction against the monetarisation of the Rwandan economy, the introduction of formal education and the development of off-farm labour under colonialism. 

Related to this is the non-compensation of umuganda, which again makes the comparison with Pol Pot interesting. 

All Rwandans 'HAD TO VOLUNTARILY' contribute their labor to the weekly collective works.

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