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The Project Management Specialist (PMS) will provide support to the implementation of the project and provide specialized technical support in the area of programming. Reporting to the Chief Technical Advisor/Project Manager, the Project Management Specialist will deputize for the CTA/Project Manager and work in close collaboration with the project team, including experts seconded from Member States, and relevant staff in the IGAD Secretariat.
Duties and Responsibilities
Provide support to implementation of the project, focusing on achievement of the following results:

• Support the CTA/Project Manager in ensuring that the main objectives and outputs of the project are achieved in the most efficient and effective manner;
• Provide strategic support in the planning, budgeting, implementing and monitoring of project activities, tracking the use of financial resources in accordance with UNDP rules and regulations;
• Prepare monitoring and progress reports, work plans, budget and expenditure statements for review by the CTA/Project Manager;
• Promote IGAD ownership and the institutionalization and sustainability of DRM and resilience initiatives supported under the project;
• Support the identification of clear and achievable physical and financial targets, a realistic work plan to reach them and an agreed upon monitoring and reporting system.

Provide Technical Assistance, focusing on achievement of the following results:

• Lead the aspect of resilience and DRM programming within the Regional Platform for Disaster Resilience and Sustainability and support overall Platform activities as a member of the Platform Coordination Unit;
• Support the Regional Platform Coordination Unit and the IGAD Secretariat in the identification, formulation, and appraisal of new programmes and projects;
• Mainstream the RPP and CPPs into regional and national development frameworks and plans;
• Lead the development and application of an ICT-based management and information system and applications that enhances the work planning, workflow management, monitoring and evaluation and other business processes of the IGAD Secretariat;
• Work with various counterparts, including Member States in the HoA and key national and regional institutions towards mainstreaming, coordination, and programming;
• Provide high quality technical and advisory inputs, particularly in the areas of platform coordination and programming.

Provide support for effective Strategic Partnerships and Resource Mobilization, focusing on achievement of the following results:

• Work closely with the IGAD and its Secretariat, including key national and regional institutions, especially National Platforms, in the mainstreaming of RPP and CPPs, programming of resilience and DRM initiatives through the Regional Platform and development and roll-out of the Development Assistance Databas;
• Coordinate with other agencies and bodies at regional and national levels to support the effective and efficient implementation of the project and delivery of products;
• Create and coordinate partnerships among the various platform entities, implementing partners, donors, other actors in the field of resilience and DRM and partner governments for a timely, resource-bound and effective implementation of project activities;
• Represent UNDP in relevant global, regional, and national forums, meetings, workshops, etc. as delegated by the CTA/Project Manager;
• Support the implementation of resource mobilization strategies to generate resources and achieve project outcomes.

Support facilitation of knowledge building and knowledge sharing, focusing on achievement of the following results:

• Support knowledge management related to resilience building and DRM across IGAD and ensure its reflection in global knowledge management platforms and communities of practice;
• Support the capturing of project results in knowledge products and communicate widely in IGAD and at global levels;
• Support the creation of a learning environment and systematic information and knowledge sharing within the project team;
• Assist the project team in the delivery of quality knowledge management products, systems, services, etc. supported under the project and its effective integration and compatibility with other practice areas;
• Contribute to knowledge networks and communities of practice at regional and global levels.
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